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I find, dazzling and unusual rare delights for bespoke handmade crackers and goodie bags. Many of the gifts are crafted using beautiful secondhand and upcycled materials. 

It is Eco Magpies mission to give new life to the discarded, unused and unloved. I never need to buy new, there is already enough stuff in our world


Unique Gifts, that love our planet



Eco Magpie

As an eco magpie I never like to buy new stuff.


I believe there is enough stuff already in our world. As chief eco magpie it is my mission to make sure it is saved, reused and allowed to shine on. 


I hope you enjoy my christmas crackers and if you have any special requests please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to make your wishes come true. 


T. 07540 244127  |

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